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Tyler Yuen, an extraordinaire professional soccer punter, reveals the winning secrets on soccer betting in this report. Get into the minds of the expert with this report and pick up useful tips along the way.

Fact 1: Bookmakers do exaggerate the odds on your favorite teams. They know that a lot of (amateur) punters will place bets on certain favorite teams, and thus set the odds unfair to those teams. But (amateur) punters do not see this.

Bookies are confident enough to give you free 100$ after you first sign up a betting account on their systems. And, they know how to give you little short-term winning profit, and know how to make you lose big in the long run.

Fact 2: The top successful punters are the ones who come up with the odds for the market. They work hand in hand with big bookies. They cooperate with researchers, statisticians, analysts, psychologists and all kinds of handicappers.

Today, to win on soccer bets, you have to challenge against a pool of talented, successful and greedy professionals, not just simply against your luck.

Fact 3: 95% of the soccer punters are losers. Only the rest 5% are the top successful punters and their gangs.

Unfortunately, the 5% are serving/working with the bookies to win against you and hook your money. It is because your losses translate to their profits. The more you lose, the more they win.


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